Big News About Petite Prices

January 14, 2015

99 red balloons

Do you remember this ever-green legendary tune from the 1980s? It’s been stuck in our heads ever since our New Year’s Eve party. It might be one of the reasons that starting from the 15th of January we are introducing our brand new pricing for international money transfers that is… 99 and not a penny (or a cent or a balloon) more! Also legendary, isn’t it?

Send money within Europe for small change

Now sending money with TransferGo costs less than a cup of coffee.

If you’re sending money from the UK to any European country you pay only 99p transaction fee. Moreover, all transfers from the Eurozone cost only €0.99 transaction fee. It’s really that simple and transparent.


And what’s more, our exchange rates remain amazingly competitive.

Local prices for local currencies

When sending money within Europe from Poland you pay 9 PLN, from Norway it’s 20.00 NOK, from Denmark it’s 20.00 DKK, from Sweden it’s 10.00 SEK, from Hungary it’s 500.00 HUF and from Romania it’s 9.00 RON.

So fresh, it’s hot

Currency exchange rates on our website are fresh hot.  We’re sure because we refresh it every 60 seconds. We always guarantee the amount your recipient receives – we don’t need any deposits from you. We offer next business day delivery as standard. Join the 50,000 people who have tried us and love us.

A penny for your thoughts

At TransferGo we’re always eager to hear back from you. If you have any thoughts on our new pricing, don’t be shy and drop us an email on:

Sometimes it’s just so nice to pretend that you’re an agent of Her Majesty’s Secret Service who can, maybe, hack into any computer system and save the world. But why not save your wallet first, by saving some extra cash?

Here are some tips and tricks if you want to save money when sending it with TransferGo.

With a little help from my friends

If you’re not registered with TransferGo yet, you should look for your friends who are using TransferGo already and use their referral links to join TransferGo. That gives you your first transfer free and also helps your friend to earn cash when you send money overseas.

Want a transfer? Share

Another way to get a free transfer is to use our brand new feature, “Want a free transfer? Share:” button which appears on your activity feed when you start to make a booking. If you click on it, then you can share your message about TransferGo and spread the joy around via Twitter or Facebook. This can be used only once, so you decide when to use it. The button will always be there until it’s used.


Check your e-mail

Finally, take a minute to read all our e-mails that we send to you. It really pays off, as you will be up to date with all our improvements regarding pricing, ID uploads and also…. we’re pretty generous with free transfer codes as a ‘thank you’.



Consider the word ‘migrant.’ Despite it’s original neutral definition, in the Lithuanian media it is usually used in a negative way. As soon as a person crosses a border for more than one month they are considered to be a migrant. They are generally looking for better opportunities abroad. You can’t tell whether the negativity is jealousy or just an honest concern for why people have to leave their home country to find optimism or happiness.

Maybe for these reasons, I’ve never considered myself as a migrant. Even though I’ve lived overseas as a student and worker for about 4 years. I consider myself a citizen of the world, as cheesy as it may sound. I think it’s important to live in cosmopolitan societies, where everyone feels welcome and can play an equal part in the fabric of social living. I’ve never had any personal complexes about this, such as being from a small country or not being completely fluent in English. Therefore, I’ve never looked for a shelter in ethnic societies, but was way more interested in other people’s stories that were so different, so exciting and at the same time so relatable, since we’ve all shared this global view on life. It was also great to share stories of my heritage, which makes everyone so unique in our global society.

Finally, even after returning home, I’ve been constantly looking where I can find more people like me, who would have a similar attitude and would see experiences from abroad in a positive light. Though I’ve received some judgement even for coming back from my life of a ‘migrant’, I don’t get offended, because for me being a global citizen means living anywhere on planet Earth, including my birth country. I don’t see myself tied to any place and am always looking for new opportunities everywhere. I live in Lithuania today, but who knows what tomorrow brings for me – as I have a passport!

I can’t say this is the only point of view – it’s my point of view. Of course, there are many people who can only bear being abroad if they have some collective gathering with others from the same background. And that’s all great. The problem here is that word ‘migrant’, which shouldn’t then be used to diminish what these people do. Especially since most of the time they are actually working abroad to help their relatives back in their respected countries. Of course the media can highlight the minority on social benefits, but most migrants are hard working and looking to help their families economically. We should definitely share more positive views on the great migrant citizens of the world.

I’m proud to work for TransferGo as they by help those living abroad to send money back to their home countries which has a transformative impact on families. The money they send home can be 20% of an average household income, which is undoubtedly a significant amount. I’ve had the pleasure to develop a transaction fee-free month for Lithuanians to help everybody with the transition to the Euro. As a global citizen I want to do all I can to improve the lives of migrants.


How can you spot a migrant? This question raises answers that are not always pleasant. Do we think about a person with poor education, working long hours for minimum wage?  Speaking English only a little, but a proud owner of a big flat TV surrounded by the intense smell of kielbasa or another heavy meat, mist of rolled cigarettes precisely filling the small room inhabited by 5 people? Migrants are often perceived as isolated or community people, unwilling to contribute to the new reality they’re living in. On some level they have never left their native country, at least not mentally.

On the other hand when the word ‘migrant’ comes to mind, I can see an elegant man wearing a pricy suit, perfectly trimmed, with a leather suitcase in his manicured hand and British accent, that could have been practiced during long philosophical discussions at Cambridge. He would introduce himself as ‘Tom’ or ‘Jack’. The only thing that gives him away is a foreign name on his passport, full of rustling and unfamiliar sounds.

‘I’m not a migrant’ I hear people say. ‘I’m a citizen of the world, I feel comfortable everywhere’. Yet, I read that ‘migrants are voracious underdogs’ and I see pictures of angry faces on the cover of the ‘Daily Mail’.

According to the academic definition, ‘migrants are people that were motivated to leave their native country for many reasons – beneficial career prospects, escaping conflict or simply desire for better economic prosperity’. In an era of globalisation and cheap flights we can cross borders and cultures in just a few hours. We shouldn’t be afraid of becoming an active member of various communities. At the same time we can’t pretend that we are not different. It’s a fact that we come from a different place, with unique experiences and views. This bond is important and we should keep it alive also by being in touch with our friends and family back home and helping them out when they are in need.

Today, whilst we celebrate International Migrant Day maybe we should look deeper into the Information Age and the flux of values and truths that is so typical for us. Don’t let ourselves be ‘a universal size’, that fits everywhere equally well. Remember, that we all have our motherlands, our childhood memories that cannot be translated. Especially today, we shouldn’t forget about what truly constitutes us as individual human beings and – among many other things – it is the place we call ‘home’ whether it was chosen by our parents or us.


With New Years’ fireworks at midnight this year, Lithuania will be entering not only 2015, but also the Euro zone. Though it might be sad saying goodbye to our beloved Travelling Heroes, we’re happy to announce that we are starting an amazing promotion for money transfers from the UK to Lithuania and from Lithuania to all our countries. As always, we offer next business day delivery, no additional conditions and no hidden fees.

Your money keeps travelling freely

From the 15th of December we are offering highly competitive pricing to send your money to your Lithuanian accounts from the UK. We’re removing the transaction fee so it will be £0 and our regular competitive mark-up remains on the exchange rate, that is refreshed every 60 seconds on the website, for any amount you send. We’re making transfers cheaper and clearer, so you do not have to worry about Euro confusion or uncertainty. We aim to make our customers’ lives easier.

Euro rules

It’s good to familiarize with the Law on the Euro Adoption in the Republic of Lithuania which provides that from the 1st to the 15th January 2015 all cash payments in Lithuania can be made in Litas or Euro, whereas cash change will be given in Euro only. There are several exemptions. Self-service outlets that have no cashier and no possibility to make cash settlements in Litas and Euro can settle Euro only. All online payments that are made in litas on the 31st that are processed on the 1st January 2015, will be paid out only in Euros. Do you want to know more? Please visit: For fair regulations of prices in Lithuania regarding switching from Litas to Euros, please check the official website here and the website of the Central Bank of the Republic of Lithuania.

Litas’ final stop

Please note, when sending money TO Lithuania with TransferGo, the 29th of December 2014 (until midnight UK time, GMT) will be the last day when you can make bookings in Litas. Starting from the 30th December all bookings TO Lithuania will show that the recipient will receive money in Euros.

When sending money FROM Lithuania with TransferGo the 31st Dec 12:00:00 Noon (mid-day) LT time (UTC +2) will be the changeover when we start accepting bookings for EUR transfers to other currencies.

Free of Charge

From the 15th Dec 2014 to the 15th Jan 2015 we are offering transaction free transfers from the UK to Lithuania and back, so we can smooth the transition to euro for our customers sending money to and from Lithuania. This gives you a great opportunity to send some extra money for your friends and family without any troubles, using cheap and fast transfer services and helping them to get used to the new currency.

TransferGo now allows you to send money across 27+ countries in Europe. Whether it’s Litas or Euro, TransferGo is still 10 times cheaper option than any bank you know for your money transfers from the UK to Lithuania and back. So, do not forget to make use of our holiday deal. We’re looking to save you money and to save you any unnecessary stress or confusion during the Euro transition.

To lighten up your mood during this rainy November TransferGo brings you a very special competition. Sounds like a music to your ears? Perfect!

Listen up

This month when you share your unique refer-a-friend link with your friends you not only give them a free transfer to send money overseas, but also automatically enter our competition where you can win a Premium Spotify Membership for 3 months.The more clicks your referral link gets, the more likely you are to be one of the lucky winners. Don’t forget that you will be also earning 1% from all the transfers made by your referred friends. Our most active referrals earn up to £170 a month!

Become a (rock) star

You have been using our service for quite a while now or maybe you are new to TransferGo? It’s all the same! This time both old and new referrals can participate and at the end of the month we will happily award 5 owners of the most clicked referrals link.

Turn up the volume

Spread the word, and share your individual link via Facebook, Twitter, blog or any other social media platforms, so that the whole world knows there is a cheap, safe and fast way of sending money abroad and it’s called TransferGo.

If you want to learn more about Spotify, where you can find all the beats you love, go here.

Visit Refer a Friend Website to get more information on how our referral program works.

Stay tuned!

Our competition lasts for entire November. At the end of the month we will announce the lucky winners!

TransferGo isn’t only about saving money; it can be about earning money too.

Our Refer-a-Friend programme allows you to earn extra cash by referring your friends and family to use TransferGo. For Mr. Michał Czuchryta it was an obvious way of making money. We thought we’d share some of his experiences on how you can also create a second income.

Meet Michał, one of the stars of our 'Refer-a-Friend' program

Michał has been living in the UK for the last ten years, so he was among the first wave of immigrants that came to England after the borders opened in 2004.  At the moment he is living in London with his family.

Michał is a man of many talents. He has a financial and marketing background and is interested in digital media, fitness and a healthy lifestyle. He blogs about personal finances and personal growth.

About TransferGo, he said, ‘I like to know what’s going on. I support my parents back in Poland so I was looking for a smart way of sending money home. TransferGo appeared to be fast, cheap, and safe, so I tried it.’

When asked about what he liked most about TransferGo, he answered with no doubt: ‘Easiness and transparency. The website is very intuitive and you don’t have to have a degree in finance to understand what’s going on with your money.’

Michał has referred more than 100 people to use his individual refer-a-friend link and make a transfer with TransferGo. He got 1% of all the transfers made by his referrals for their first six months as a TransferGo customer. It means that he has earned hundreds of pounds from us. How did he do it?

Michał explains, ‘I was talking with my friends and it turned out that they usually send money to Poland with long established companies, but they weren’t getting the best rates. It seemed to me that my friends thought they were getting the most competitive exchange rate, but they hadn’t yet tried TransferGo. I knew your mid-market rates are the best on the market, so I was determined to draw everyone’s attention to this. Not only that, you guarantee next day delivery, destination amounts and you have no hidden fees or conditions. My colleagues are interested in saving money so I could offer them my code to get their first transfer for free. Also, as a canny investor I knew that I could make money out of your Refer-a-Friend programme. It’s a win for everybody.’

Michał posted his individual link on his blog as well as on his Facebook page.

‘It’s not only about great exchange rates and fixed fee. It’s also Polish Customer Service. You can trust TransferGo with your money as they always have your back’.

Our Refer-a-Friend programme allows you to earn 1% of each money transfer made by your referral and you get to offer your friends and family their first transfer for free by using your personal Refer-a-Friend code.

Register now and get your individual link.

P.S. Would you like to share your experience of living in the UK with me? Email me at I’d love to hear from more people.

Dominika Chmiel



The UK CIPD, a professional body for HR and people development, published a new study on migration and the UK labour market. It’s great news for migrant workers in the UK.

It states that EU migrants are impressively competitive in the UK labour market. Each day more and more UK employers are recruiting Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian and other EU citizens to make them part of their teams. It’s not about low pay and long hours for employers, apparently. Migrants are loved for their outstanding work ethic, skills and their valuable contribution to the company’s growth.

We at TransferGo say, ‘congratulations to all migrant workers for creating better lives across the EU, not just in the UK!’

The survey proves that there are real opportunities for all of us who want to work in the UK (and other countries) and make a better life for our families here and loved ones back home.

Thanks to our customers, we’re also happy to celebrate our achievement as we’re pitching on stage at the SWIFT Innotribe Grand Finale at SIBOS in Boston this week.

We may have genius technology and solutions, but most impressively, we are meeting the needs of ever growing numbers of customers who want the fastest money transfer service at the best price.


Apple recently launched iOS8 for iPhones and this appears to create issues with I.D. uploads once the new operating system is in use.

We recommend iPhone iOS8 users to click the option to upload your I.D. later and then send us a copy of your I.D. via e-mail directly to us using

There’s nothing we can do to fix this at the moment, as we’re waiting for Apple to take care of this problem.

When sending electronic copies of your identity documents, don’t forget to make sure that your document hasn’t expired and that the image is of high quality:

  • Your name, date of birth, document date of expiry and other details must be clearly visible
  • Maximum file size is 5 MB and valid formats are JPG, PNG, or PDF

Note: Other phones, browsers and previous versions of iOS are not affected by this issue

More information on I.D. uploads can be found at

How to upload your I.D.

September 10, 2014

At TransferGo what is important to you, our customer, is important to us.


We always do everything to make sure that your money travels in the fastest and safest way possible.  We’re a regulated business so verifying your identity helps us both to comply with regulations and build mutual trust. You will be asked to upload your I.D. when making your second booking.

It’s worth knowing that if your first transfer is above £750 (or equivalent) you’ll be asked to provide your proof of identity right away.

How to upload your I.D.

  • You’ll need electronic copies of your identity documents – if you don’t have an image of your passport, national I.D. card or driving licence, you can always take a picture with your mobile phone
  • Please make sure that your document hasn’t expired and that the image is high quality
    • Your name, date of birth, document date of expiry and other details must be clearly visible
    • Maximum file size is 5 MB and valid formats are JPG, PNG, or PDF
  • Log into your TransferGo profile.
  • Fill in all of the required fields – sender, recipient and transfer details.
    • Select your document type: passport, national I.D. card or driving licence
    • Upload your document
  • After your I.D. is uploaded it is verified by our system
    • If everything is fine then it will be approved
    • If the document is invalid or the image isn’t clear (or you’ve uploaded a picture of your cat) it will be declined and we’ll ask you to upload a new image – your payment won’t be processed without an approved I.D.

  • Once your I.D. is verified and approved you’ll be able to continue sending money in a fast, safe and easy way with TransferGo

It’s also worth noting that we sometimes need to ask for additional documentation or ask some questions as part of our normal compliance processes.

If you click the option to upload your ID later (after you are finished with your booking) a blue box appears on your account timeline showing the status of your ID verification and asking you to upload your ID, so we can proceed with your payment.

We’ll also send you an e-mail reminding you to verify your identity. You should then follow the above I.D. upload process.


Some great news for TransferGo

September 2, 2014


We’re proud to announce that TransferGo has received more recognition recently:

Bronze and silver awards for our “Money Travels Freely” outdoor advertising campaign at BalticBest 2014 festival of creativity organized by Cannes Lions.

Shortlisted for Best Online Consumer Payments Solution at the Payments Awards!

Finalist at BBVA OpenTalent 2014 in the new banking category

Daumantas, our CEO has also been recognised by Nordic Business Report in their 30 under 30 in Northern Europe award

We thank you, our customers, for all your support.